a continuum of care services
surrounding addictions and mental health.

Mino Ayaa Ta Win Healing Centre

The Behavioural Health Services Treatment Team aims to provide a continuum of care services surrounding substance abuse/addictions and mental health. Referrals are welcome from any source such as service providers, family, family doctors, or self-referral.

Here is a special update regarding the Mino Ayaa Ta Win Healing Centre! 

Mino Ayaa Ta Win Healing Centre - (807) 274-7373

Residential Treatment - Intake - (807) 271-0194 or bhsintake@fftahs.com

All other inquiries - (807) 274-2042 (FFTAHS- Behavioural Health Services)


Below are some of the guidelines around accessing the new treatment centre programs:

Both residential treatment and detoxification services are available for individuals 18+.

Medically Supervised Withdrawal Management Services-

  • This is a 24/7/365 service with bed access from 7am-7pm by calling (807) 274-7373. Our website/Facebook page will be updated once everything is officially up and running properly.
  • If a bed is not available, our RPN/Case Managers can refer individuals to another facility or waitlist for the next available bed. These beds are gender specific, so our wait listing process and priority care will ensure that there is an equal balance of men and women utilizing this service throughout the year.
  • *NOTE: Referrals can be accepted for this program but in order for an individual to successfully hold a bed/be accepted, we MUST speak to them directly (phone etc.) before arriving at the treatment centre. If we are given a referral, we will attempt to make contact with the interested participant to ensure they are suitable to attend. This is a medically-supervised detox facility which means there will be cases in which the risk is too high to admit someone. In these cases we will ensure that the client is taking the MOST SAFEST and appropriate route for care.
  • There is no admissions package that needs to be complete for individuals being admitted into the WMS Program. This is why we speak to clients directly on the phone—a brief intake, screening and assessment prior to admission that is completely separate from residential treatment.

Residential Treatment Services- 

  • This is a single point of entry for access—interested individuals (or referrers) should make contact with our intake coordinator, Nakita Morrisseau at nmorrisseau@fftahs.com or via phone @ (807) 271-0194 in which they will be asked to fill out a single page intake/referral form. Once this is complete, the admissions process can begin which includes completing a detailed admissions package. Potential clients can fill this out on their own, with community member/family assistance or with Nakita… its whatever the individual prefers. Once completed and suitability is ensured, a client will be given their next upcoming treatment date.
  • You can find our admissions package, FAQ, Pre-admissions Checklist, Consent to Release/Obtain and Medical form on our website, Facebook page (link) and can be emailed/faxed as needed.
  • Quarterly Treatment Cycles (28 days)
    • Co-ed Cycle: December 4-December 31, 2017
    • Gender-specific: Male, January 8- February 4, 2018
    • Gender-specific: Female, February 12-March 11, 2018
  • Staff, community contacts, helpers, partners, interested participants will be provided with quarterly treatment schedules, this will also be posted on the website/FB page.
  • We are already aware that we will have long wait list for this program and ask that if you have assisted someone with completing their package or submitted on their behalf, that you are patient through this process. Waitlisted individuals will also be given a letter from our intake coordinator with their upcoming residential treatment bed date. Should they not be interested or get services at another agency, please have them contact us to remove their name from the list.

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