Diabetes Education and Footcare

This program aims to increase knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyle choices, empower clients to set reasonable goals in relation to their diet, exercise, and medication regime to see a reduced number of complications associated with diabetes. Care is initiated through referrals from health care providers, community health representatives, family members, and self. The diabetes and footcare team are available in each community once a month or more frequently if required.

Services Provided

  • Diabetes Education – This program offers diabetic screening in each community, insulin starts ordered by a health care provider, insulin adjustments, blood glucose monitoring, and health teaching and promotion on nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Footcare – Trained footcare nurses offer basic, advanced, and diabetic footcare including: sharp debridement, offloading, ingrown resection, lower limb assessments, Onyfix nail correction, and management of callouses, corns, and fissures
  • Chiropody – The visiting Chiropodist provides sharp debridement, custom orthotics, offloading, nail resections and removal, and nail care

Who is eligible for our services?

This program is available for members of our 10 Treaty #3 First Nations

Accessing our services

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